Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drugstore Cowboy (1989)

Last night, I watched Drugstore Cowboy. I think I watched this movie when I was younger because once I started it, some of the scenes seemed very familiar, particularly the first pharmacy raid, the police raid, and the hospital scene. Why I was watching this film as a kid is a bit of a mystery right now, but I remember that I used to sneak and watch movies that I wasn't supposed to be watching. Who didn't do that as a kid?

Drugstore Cowboy is a great film. I like how Bob's drug trips were filmed, along with the characters' paranoia with superstitions and how Bob gradually moves away from his destructive lifestyle as a junkie. Bob was a lot more likable near the end of the film, compared to the beginning. I like how he decides that he needs to change and pay his dues for all that he had done. It takes a lot for someone to change who they are, whether it's to quit smoking, quit drugs, spend more time with family, or to treat others more kindly than before. These are not easy tasks to undertake and I like seeing a character out there taking on the task because maybe it will convince someone in real life to make a change for the better.

The style of filmmaking portrayed in Drugstore Cowboy carried over to My Own Private Idaho (1991) very well. Both are great films directed by Van Sant. Idaho is a bit difficult to watch the first time around, at least, it was for me. Drugstore Cowboy is easier to watch the first time around. Both have fantastic acting performances and interesting story-lines. I recommend watching both if you haven't already.


Sarah Mann said...

I also watched this last night? haha, kind of creepy! I loved it too. Then again, I am quite partial to Matt Dillon. ;D

Kalli said...

Matt Dillon is so sexy. I love his hair! I can't believe he's almost 50 now. Still looking good.

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