Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yesterday: My Week With Marilyn

Well, yesterday was a fun and interesting day for me. I've desperately have been wanting to go see My Week With Marilyn since its release date. I'm happy that I finally got to go see it! It was so good! Even though some of the viewing experience got interrupted for a bit, due to two people, an older woman and a man in his late 20s that didn't know each other, who ended up having a loud and verbally abusive argument.

What the hell could people possibly argue about during a movie showing, you ask? Cell phone use, apparently. The man kept opening his cell phone and the woman kept asking him to shut it because it was distracting her from viewing the film. It is pretty annoying when someone continually looks at their cell during a film. He shut it the first time she asked him, but then went back to opening it again about 15 minutes into the film! She kept quietly asking him to shut it and wouldn't leave him alone until he did so. Well, this annoyed him, especially when she kept leaning on his chair. He starts screaming, "Get away from me! Get away!" She wouldn't get away, so then he starts spitting off a bunch of rude insults and profanity. Someone else started to yell at the guy because he was being so disruptive and all of us just wanted to enjoy the movie! However, the guy would not stop and his last insult to the woman was so disgusting and impolite that the lady packed up her purse and told him she was going to report him. The guy ended up following the woman out, continuing to yell insults at her during their walk to the theater manager. The woman eventually returned, but the man never did, which wasn't very surprising.

Michelle Williams is incredible as Marilyn Monroe and I think she is the main reason that the film is worth seeing. She had her mannerisms down so well that sometimes it seemed like I was watching the real Marilyn. It was odd because Michelle really doesn't resemble Marilyn much in her physical appearance, except maybe when she was in the Prince and the Showgirl makeup/outfit. However, I think this works better because Michelle isn't acting like a caricature of Marilyn, which would have been irritating to watch. Marilyn was much more than a ditzy blonde and I feel like if they casted someone just based on their physical resemblance to Marilyn, then it would have been awful to watch. The mannerisms Michelle displayed are what made the character of Marilyn come to life again. Michelle definitely deserves all the praise she has been getting regarding her performance as Marilyn. I'd love to see them make a full life biopic about Marilyn someday with Michelle casted as Marilyn again. I wonder if they will ever do that?

I also thought that Eddie Redmayne (Colin Clark), Kenneth Branagh (Sir Laurence Olivier), and Judi Dench (Dame Sybil Thorndike) all gave commendable performances as well. Honestly, when doesn't Judi Dench give an awesome performance? I've never seen Eddie in anything else, but I hope to see more of him. Kenneth Branagh basically IS Laurence Olivier, so if you like Laurence, I think you'll like Kenneth's portrayal of him. Dominic Cooper (Milton Greene) was also pretty great in the film, which kind of impressed me. If you want to see a spectacular film, then please go see My Week With Marilyn! I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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