Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Trailer

I finished my Raymond Chandler novel, The Long Goodbye, a couple of nights ago. It is my favorite Chandler novel now. I really couldn't put it down. Everywhere I went, the book came along, well, except for while I was working. I think it was the insanity of the characters that really had me intrigued. Although, his other novels include insane characters as well. Philip Marlowe sure had to deal with some weird stuff. Missing people, fake names, chemically imbalanced characters, alcoholics, switchblades, overly drug friendly doctors, I could go on forever! Highly recommend this book for those of you who enjoy mysteries, detectives, and gangsters.

After I finished The Long Goodbye, I decided to start re-reading the Harry Potter series from the beginning. I'm almost done with Sorcerer's Stone already because I read it during my Amtrak ride today. I was highly entertained by it and was lost to the world of Harry Potter for the entire ride. It distracted me from the delays the train experienced due to freight trains that needed the tracks or something, I'm not sure what the reason was because the train conductor's microphone thing was making a terrible screeching sound. My expectations for Amtrak are extremely low now, I'm convinced that they have terrible luck. I was on it when it caught fire in the front cabin of it after hitting steel on the tracks. Clearly, not their fault that someone laid it on the tracks thinking it'd be a funny trick. Idiots. There is nothing funny about that. It could have blown up the train if the fire hit the gasoline! We were in the middle of nowhere when that happened, too. Thankfully Amtrak got the firemen there and fixed the problem, even though I heard that that train didn't get to its final destination until around 2:00 in the morning. I managed to escape the train well before then. I was with someone and we hitched a ride with a fireman to the nearest town and he dropped us off at a tavern because we had had nothing to eat.

Anyways, back to Harry Potter! I noticed today that a new trailer has been released for The Deathly Hallows Part I. This film looks like it might be the best of the Harry Potter series. I've posted the trailer below:


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