Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Lost Weekend (1945)

A couple of weeks ago, I watched The Lost Weekend. Ray Milland plays Don Birnham, an unsuccessful writer turned alcoholic. His brother Wick and his girlfriend Helen have successfully gotten him to stay sober for 10 days. The two plan a little vacation for him to go on with his brother for the weekend to go to the countryside. However, his craving for the booze becomes agonizing and he evades going on the vacation. Desperate for something to drink, Don scrapes up some money and goes on a four-day drinking binge by himself. Lost, alone, and miserable from the effects of the binge drinking, Don must decide if he wants to try to get better or if he wants to give up on his life.

This movie just reinforces why I find Billy Wilder to be such a genius. He could do marvelous comedy and he could do a brilliant drama. This was one of his brilliant dramas. It was so well done. Ray Milland is awesome!!! No one could have played the part better. It is a very believable performance. 


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