Thursday, July 25, 2013

Emmy Nominations: What Shows are Worth Watching

Television is currently split between absolutely outstanding or incredibly awful (reality television). The Emmy nominations have done a fantastic job of showing what shows are worth watching. The show I'm most excited for is American Horror Story: Asylum, which is nominated in the Outstanding Miniseries or Movie category. The show is so well done, perfect casting choices, interesting stories, sick twists and turns, and marvelously entertaining. The actors who were nominated from the show, Jessica Lange, James Cromwell, Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson, were brilliant. It would have been nice if Lily Rabe was nominated, I think she deserved it for her role as Sister Mary Eunice, the nun who was possessed by a demon. Evan Peters is amazing as well, but I think his character wasn't as interesting this season compared to the previous season. I hope American Horror Story: Coven lives up to my very high expectations, given the old and new cast additions and fantastic first and second seasons.

I really hope that Jon Hamm finally wins an Emmy for his role as Don Draper. Mad Men really stepped up its game again with this past season. I couldn't get enough of it. I am going to be sad when the final season starts.

I hope that Claire Danes wins the Emmy as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. That cry face deserves to win every award out there. I love Damian Lewis, but it's time for Jon Hamm! Wouldn't mind having Mandy Patinkin win the Emmy, but I'm torn because I love both Peter Dinklage and Aaron Paul, as well. Maybe there will be a tie? Is that allowed?

The shows that I think are the best are: Mad Men, Homeland, American Horror Story: Asylum, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. I haven't watched a lot of House of Cards, but from what I have watched so far, it's really well done. When isn't Kevin Spacey incredible? The comedy shows are good, but I'm not that into any of them right now. I enjoy Modern Family, but it seems to be running out of good material compared to other seasons. I have not watched Louie or Veep, but I would like to check them out. Girls is funny, but I haven't finished season 2. I am sick of the Big Bang Theory. I loved 30 Rock for a few seasons, but stopped watching it regularly due to my accounting class schedule. Drama and Miniseries have stolen my affection when it comes to being entertained.


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