Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foreign Film: Más negro que la noche (1975)

Recently, I discovered something fantastic. Being the horror fanatic that I am and also fluent in Spanish, I decided to watch a Mexican horror film. I don't remember exactly how I came to find it. Although, I believe it was on IMdB under the recommendation section of the horror classic The Uninvited (1944) with the fanfreakingtastic Ray Milland. 

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that I must find Más negro que la noche and watch it right away! Of course, I went right to the one and only YouTube and found it there. It's all in Spanish on there, no subtitles in English or Spanish. If you can speak Spanish, then you are in luck and can watch it right on there! If not, then you're obviously going to have to find a version that includes English subtitles or whatever other language you speak. Definitely worth watching! 

The film is about four girls who move into a huge and mysterious house that one of the girls inherited from her old aunt. It is expected of the girls to move in and take very good care of the aunt's beloved cat, Becker, who happens to be a black cat. Once Becker is mysteriously found dead in the house, the creepy ghost haunting and series of murderous revenge begins! 

After watching this film, I have become interested in checking out more from the director. The director is Carlos Enrique Taboada. He apparently directed and wrote the screenplay for this film. Some of the techniques that he uses while filming have a very Hitchcockian feel to them. Mainly because the film is full of glorious suspense. For example, he will show you something that the character does not see and then you, being the observer, have to just have to sit there, wait, and watch in terror to see if the victimized character will manage to realize the danger that is lurking right around the corner from her in time before she ends up dead! 

The video below includes the beginning credits sequence of the film. It's in Spanish, like I said before. Basically, it's just showing the loving relationship the aunt had with Becker before she passed away: 


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