Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mad Men

After months of rumors, it has finally been publicly announced that Mad Men's Season 5 return will be delayed until early 2012. It's being delayed due to the fact that there has been some problems with the negotiation process involving the contract between AMC and Mad Men's creator Matt Weiner. Apparently, AMC has demanded that the show needs to make the following the changes: add more product placement/commercials, cut two of the main characters, and reduce the show's running time. The network wants these changes so that it can make more money off the show. I find it extremely stupid that the network would request any changes to be made with this show. It's been continuously good and it has won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for three consecutive years. Why change something that is near perfect?

Mad Men should move to a network that can better afford producing it. That's a more plausible change for the show than being forced to make unnecessary changes, which would be made only to benefit AMC. I'm going to miss Don Draper during the summertime! 


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