Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, my nephew was having a bad week and I allowed him to pick a movie to go see because I'm the best aunt in the world. I was praying that he would say he wanted to see Rango (2011), but he decided that he just had to see Hop (2011) because of how funny it is that the rabbit poops out jelly beans. My nephew is 5 years old. 

Overall, I'd describe Hop as being crap. It had some funny moments, but it was all just completely ridiculous. It is about E.B. (Russell Brand), the Easter Bunny's teenage son, who is expected to be the Easter Bunny this year. E.B. does not want to be the Easter Bunny because he dreams of becoming a drummer, so he decides to run away to Hollywood. Once there, he tries to find a place to live and gets hit by a car. The owner of the car is Fred (James Marsden), a 30 year old slacker who has been living at home with his parents and doesn't have a job. E.B. fakes an injury so that Fred takes him in. The two become friends and both learn to grow up and face their responsibilities. 

I didn't completely hate this movie. Why a human would want to become the Easter Bunny doesn't make much sense to me, but the movie had some cute and funny parts, which made it bearable. I'm not saying that you should go run out and see this movie, but if you have a kid that wants to go, you won't feel like you are dying a slow and painful death while watching it. The kids will love it; my nephew and the other kids in the theater did. 


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