Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer!

I'm loving the hot weather that the Midwest is experiencing on the first official day of the summer! Now, if only it will continue to stay hot and humid, instead of windy, dreary, and cold. I'd love to be at the beach having fun like Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster in the picture above. I'm pretty sure that I've used that picture before, but it's awesome, it should be shown more than one time. There is going to be a massive thunderstorm soon, so I won't be going to the beach today. I love thunderstorms, so I'm pretty excited!

For some reason, the first day of summer always makes me think of horror movies and The Parent Trap (1961). Maybe it has to do with camping or twins? The only creepy twins I can think of are from The Shining (1980), but Hayley Mills played twins that were funny and nice. Although, I am a bit frightened by how ghastly both of Hayley Mills' hairstyles looked in The Parent Trap; those were terrifyingly hideous. I hope all of you are enjoying the beginning of summer!


Audrey said...

I don't agree about the weather--I'm not much for heat, but I TOTALLY agree with you about Hayley's hair in The Parent Trap. Haha.

Kalli said...

Hi Audrey! I'm glad that we agree about the hair. Poor Hayley! haha

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