Thursday, June 23, 2011


J.K. Rowling has officially announced today what Pottermore is! It isn't a new book, but something new and kind of strange. It's a new interactive website where fans will be able to explore the magical world of Harry Potter in a more in depth and unique way. The site will also be the exclusive place where fans can go and purchase the entire Harry Potter series in e-book format. The website is meant for all fans of Harry Potter, young and old. J.K. Rowling herself will be joining her fans on the website. The site is not going to be launched until October of this year, however, one million lucky Potter fans are going to have a chance to gain early access to the site beginning July 31!

I'm very excited for the launch of this site! It seems like a lot of other fans are too because the site is currently going haywire with all the activity and e-mail submissions to the site. I'm sure that they'll fix this soon. I'm also excited about the series being available as e-books because I kind of hate lugging around the books, even the paper ones, because they are so bulky.

You can learn more about the wonders of Pottermore by watching the video below.


Snow White Archive said...

Sounds cool. Can't wait to see the final installment on the big screen.

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