Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monsters University: Pixar Continues to Impress

Pixar is beyond incredible. They churn out amazing films year after year. What really impresses me about Pixar is how much emotion their films, including their sequels (and now prequels) and their short animations, convey. The short before Monster's University was so sweet. It follows around a blue umbrella and the events 'he' goes through during a rainy day. There are two little love stories wrapped up in it, too. It reminds me a lot of The Red Balloon 'Le ballon rouge' (1956). Two beautiful short films. I've inserted a little clip of The Blue Umbrella for your viewing pleasure.

I absolutely loved Monsters University. It was humorous, insanely adorable, and very well done in all aspects of animation and film in general. Pixar has a way of inputting little jokes that adults will get, but the kids won't, which is why I think Pixar movies are enjoyed by every age group. I was entertained throughout the entire movie. A lot of little kids would start roaring like the monsters when the monsters were practicing their scare tactics. It was so funny! 

If you have not seen Monsters University yet, what are you waiting for! You aren't going to want to miss seeing this one on the big-screen. 


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