Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodbye Winter Quarter: Hello Spring!

I am so excited for tomorrow! Why? Well, it will be the end of another quarter after I finish up with two courses tomorrow, which means I'll be on break real soon. I won't have to wake up early and I won't have any homework for almost two weeks. Yes!!! I'm so proud of my finance group for Portfolio Management, we ended up getting a 100% on our Investment Philosophy presentation!!! We were so prepared for that presentation and really worked together to make it the best we could. Great teamwork made us do a fantastic job!

So, what movies have I been watching lately? Bogie and Bacall films. I love these two together! I know, I know. Some of you may be thinking that the age difference is a little weird, but seriously, they looked great together:

I've been reading Lauren Bacall's autobiography, By Myself and Then Some, at the bookstore. I'm waiting for a good coupon or my next paycheck to buy it! That lady is hilarious! I end up laughing while reading it because she'll say some very funny things. I then get embarrassed because I'm in the bookstore... Then I don't care because it's funny, so I'm going to laugh. I'll be writing more on my favorite Bogie and Bacall films in a different post. Until then, be sure to check out this funny scene from The Big Sleep (1946):


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