Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Rant: The Catastrophic Downward Spiral of TV

So, I was watching and searching through youtube videos and I stumbled across some old favorite Original Disney Movies and Nickelodeon shows. Besides making me nostalgic, it made me think that TV has really gone downhill. Ok, I may have been thinking this for a while, not just about Disney and Nickelodeon, but with TV in general. I do enjoy watching '30 Rock' and 'True Blood.' However, the majority of shows are not up to par with shows in the past 20 years, such as 'Seinfeld' or 'Friends.' I'm not going to go back any further in the time duration due to the fact that I wasn't alive then and it's not fair to include shows like 'I Love Lucy' and 'The Munsters' when I obviously couldn't have watched them when they first aired on TV. 

The majority of reality shows and new game show creations are destroying TV and minds! I want good TV back! If they cannot come up with new and clever ideas for shows, then they should at least give us back more of the old! True, there are some channels that show 'Seinfeld,' 'Sex and the City,' 'Friends,' classic cartoons, and classic TV shows. However, I'd like more channels dedicated to this! I'd love to have a channel dedicated to more classic TV shows, like 'I Love Lucy' and 'The Munsters.' They aren't shown as regularly on the present classic TV channels as they should be! 

I'd even like a channel dedicated to good Disney, the old one that showed 'Boy Meets World,' 'Smart Guy,' Original Disney Movies, and classic Disney movies. When I say Original Disney Movies, I mean movies made especially for the Disney channel or random movies, which includes: 'Wish Upon a Star,' 'Don't Look Under the Bed,' 'Horse Sense,' 'Zenon,' 'Johnny Tsunami,' 'Smart House,' 'Susie Q,' 'Genius,' 'The Thirteenth Year,' I obviously could go on all day with more. Classic Disney movies, of course, would include the classic feature length animated films and the live action ones. It should be a requirement to show these on the Disney Channel!!! They should not just show them once in a great while or at a stupid time, such as 2am or 5am!!! They show complete garbage on the Disney Channel now! Garbage, I tell you!!!! I can't even watch anything on there with my nephews or nieces or any child! Shows and Original Disney Movies should be at least tolerable for all ages. Bring the good stuff back for other generations to enjoy! 

This is the same for Nickelodeon. The old was the best! 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' 'Doug,' 'Rugrats,' 'Legends of the Hidden Temple,' 'Wild and Crazy Kids,' 'Clarissa Explains it All,' 'Pete and Pete,' 'Salute your Shorts,' and 'Hey Arnold!' What have they done with you?! Other generations should be able to see these shows instead of crap shows! From my understanding, petitions have been going around for a while pleading that they bring these shows back. A lot of people want them back! Why are they refusing to show these?! Why?!?! 


Matthew Coniam said...

You are leaning against an open door with me...

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