Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pairing Films with Drinks: An Article

I stumbled upon a humorous article while on Twitter today. It's from the New York Times and it discusses pairing a drink with a film. With the amount of cocktails you see in films, it's about time that someone has written about pairing the two together.

You always have to smoke and drink on "Mad Men."

The author blames Robert Mitchum for the idea, although he was going to blame "Mad Men's" character Don Draper at first. He provides a list of cocktail and film combinations (and one TV show) that he enjoys. One that I found to be very funny and fitting was Sabrina (1953), which he paired with a gin or vodka martini, chilled, straight up, with olives. I do think you could pair this movie with champagne (or that sparkling juice for those who aren't old enough to drink yet), too. You can read the full article here.

David (William Holden) always brought the champagne! 


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