Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday: Yul Brynner

Today would have been Yul's 90th birthday. He passed away from lung cancer on October 11th in 1985. The guy was an awesome actor and he looked good with that shaved head.

He won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for The King and I back in 1956. He was said to have remained good friends with his co-star Deborah Kerr after filming that movie. Also, he was the one who insisted that she be given the part of Anna.

An interesting fact about Yul is that he was also a gifted photographer. His daughter, Victoria Brynner, put together some of his photographs and put them into a book, which is called Yul Brynner Photographer. A picture that he took of Ingrid Bergman is on the front cover of it.

Another interesting fact is that he was a circus acrobat before he became an actor. It was because of a serious acrobat accident that he ended up acting.

Yul's reflection in the mirror as he is taking a picture of Ingrid Bergman. Love it.

Yul with Deborah Kerr. 

Yul supported himself as a guitarist and singer before his acting career took off.


Fantastic video of Yul on 'What's my Line?'


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