Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mad Men: Season 4: It's a Mad Mad Mad World

I'm so happy that it has returned! I've missed it so. I'm obsessed, I'll admit it. I started watching 'Mad Men' for the first time a few months ago and I instantly fell in love with it. The fashion might be my favorite part, along with the ad agency and the insanely dysfunctional characters. The time period is one of my favorites as well, the 1960s. Not that I was alive then, but I'm still allowed to love it. A lot of interesting and traumatic historical events occurred during that time period! Like, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the death of Marilyn Monroe.

Season 4 has a different feel to it so far, compared to the first 3 seasons. It was expected though because a lot of crazy things went down during last season! The premiere was well done and compelling. We got to see where everyone is at and some of the storylines were set into place. I can't wait for the twists and turns to start this season! I have a love-hate relationship with the majority of the characters. Sometimes, I really can't believe the things that they've done! Other times, I can understand the reason for why they have done such things, so I sympathize with them! I'm so happy it's back! Everyone should watch it!!! Everyone!!!

Meet: Donald Draper: Who is he? 
Betty Draper Francis: Ex-wife of Don: Mother of 3
Roger Sterling: Partner of Sterling Cooper Pryce and Draper
Joan Holloway Harris: Office Manager of SCPD
Pete Campbell: Partner of Account Management at SCPD
Peggy Olson: Creative Copywriter at SCPD


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