Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yay! An Award!!!!

I received my first award from ClassicFilmFan! Thank you! I'm very excited about it!

As part of receiving the award, I have been asked to give 7 random facts about myself. Here they are:

1. I can speak, write, and read in Spanish. My class was the first ever to be taught Spanish in our school   district beginning in Kindergarten. I love learning a language and about different cultures. I would love to learn more languages in the future. 

2. I love meeting people from different countries. I have friends from all over the world: Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, India, Africa, Lithuania, Denmark, and Brazil. Like I said before, I love learning about different cultures. My friends and I learn about each other, our families, and our cultures. It's interesting to learn about how we are different and also similar. I also love to try to learn my friends' language, so they'll try to teach me. I can actually understand my friends from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Brazil because I've watched foreign films and have read a lot of books that have included different languages. I like finding the similarities that exist within different languages. 

3. I came in third place in a tournament that Blockbuster held for Mario Tennis when it first came out for N64, I think I was in the 5th grade. The crazy thing is, I didn't think I had a chance to place at all, since I had never played the game before. I remember that I had to make my character shoot tennis balls through various hoops. I was sent a hideously fantastic Mario Tennis sweatshirt that is still too big to fit me. Not that I would want to wear it anyway! haha I do love it though; it's hilarious. 

4. I love haunted houses! Seriously, if anyone knows of a haunted house that is open year round, I want to hear about it! I only know of one and it's a haunted theater located on Mackinac Island. The Haunted Mansion in Disney World doesn't count! I always love watching the Travel Channel specials about haunted house attractions. 

5. I love Halloween! It's the best holiday ever created! Not because of the candy and not because of dressing up. I'm all about the horror stories and films. I also love when the leaves change colors and delicious apples are out. Apple Cider and Apple Crisp, um, yes please!!!! Honey Crisp apples are also tasty all by themselves. I love pumpkins, too. I draw jack-o'-lanterns, ghosts, and skeletons in my notebooks on a daily basis. 

6. I love animals! I can't even tell you what kind is my favorite! I'm the type of person who tries to save spiders and bees find a home outside instead of in the house. I name random pigeons, squirrels, and other animals that I encounter. Yes, I have even named spiders. I named one Lady Lavender, another Victario, and one Sir Sebastian. 

7. I wear a contact in only my left eye. I was the first child that my doctor gave a contact. I was 6 years old. I was also the only patient that he has ever had that has taken the contact from him and put it in my eye without asking for any assistance. 

I also get to nominate others for the award! I don't think I know 15 blogs well enough, so I'll give it to 7:

1. Millie: ClassicForever
2. Kori: Blonde Episodes
3. Joel Gunz: Alfred Hitchcock Geek
4. Monty: All Good Things


Loes said...

Bitte sehr! How cool you speak all these languages -- I think you won't have too much trouble with the Dutch language when you can talk & write in German already, haha ;D

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