Thursday, April 29, 2010

RIP Hitch: 30 Years

Alfred Hitchcock died on April 29, 1980. He is one of my all time favorite directors. Tied for first with Billy Wilder. He died before I was even born. Instead of mourning the death, I'm celebrating by watching some of my favorite movies. I decided to start with my all time favorite Hitch movie: Rear Window (1954). What ones will follow? Probably Notorious (1946) and maybe The Lady Vanishes (1938).

R.I.P. Hitch! Your movies still rock! I've posted some random pictures of Hitch below:

Hitch with Ingrid Bergman. 

Hitch hiding.

Hitch loved food.

Hitch and Monty Clift. 

Hitch and a cute silly dog.


Tom said...

Thanks for posting this; I didn't realize it was his 30 year d/a. Rest in peace.

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