Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Blog

Well, I have finally decided to try out blogging. I'm in love with Twitter, which is how I found out about this site. Someone tweeted me about an Ingrid Bergman blog and I absolutely loved it! That's the first blog that I have decided to follow on here.

There are three main things that you might want to know about me. One, I'm very random. I don't have a single day in my life thus far that has not had some random event occur, which is probably why I myself have become random. This makes for an eventful and not entirely boring life. I thrive off my random encounters with the world and things on it. Two, I love to read. I think that I might love reading just as much as I love classic films. Three, do not insult Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, or James Dean on my site. You may kindly criticize if need be. I highly dislike when people make rude comments without explanation or just to attract attention to themselves. Not impressive.

Seeing as it is September still, I have been watching movies with Grace Kelly and Patrick Swayze. I wasn't expecting Patrick Swayze to die this month, of course, but he did, so I've now dedicated the month of September to both of them. September 30th, however, will be entirely dedicated to James Dean, even though I have class all day.

Tonight, I watched Dial 'M' for Murder. This isn't my favorite Hitchcock film, nor is it my favorite Grace Kelly film, however, there are still some things that I like and find interesting about it. For example, Hitchcock's cameo in this film is one of my favorite Hitchcock cameos of all his films. Why? I think it's hilarious that he decided to have his cameo by having the characters look at a picture with him in it. Also, I like that this Hitchcock movie was actually released in 3D. I wish that I could see it in that format! I also like Ray Milland's voice, but I'm not sure why that is.

Now, I'm watching To Catch a Thief. Again, not one of my favorite Hitchcock films, nor one of my favorite Grace Kelly films, but I do like it. Cary Grant is my favorite part of this film, especially when he is swimming and when he is wearing a suit. I'm always astounded when someone doesn't find him attractive. What isn't attractive about him? I also love the scenery of this film. Monaco looks so beautiful and I will go there someday. I love Grace Kelly's dresses in this film. When I go to Monaco, I want to meet the Prince (her son or grandson) and try to ask him if I can look at those dresses. They must have them somewhere! I remember watching this film for the first time and laughing at Hitchcock's cameo. I thought this one was clever, especially because he was sitting next to two motifs: (1) The 'Innocent' Man: Cary Grant's character John Robie, the ex-cat burglar and (2) Birds: caged birds to be exact, showing Robie's entrapment in being followed and blamed for crimes that he didn't commit.

I was out too late last night, but I had a fantastically fun time. I decided that I should take a night off from going out, seeing as I didn't go to sleep until around 4:30 am. It was a great idea not to go out, I probably wouldn't be watching these great movies right now if I had!