Monday, May 28, 2012

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is my new literary and show obsession. It is about seven families who are all fighting in order to gain control of the Iron Throne. I started book one, A Song of Dance and Fire, a little bit ago and the writing transports me completely to the world that author has created. It's full of detail and fantastic imagery. If you're looking for something mesmerizing to read, then you should have this on your list. It's definitely a 'Must Read' book.

The show, which airs on HBO, is one of the best shows on television. The acting is spectacular by all the actors involved. Peter Dinklage is my favorite because he plays Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion Lannister is one of the best characters ever created. He is brave, witty, courageous, funny, and kind. He is very different from the rest of his family, which is why I like him so much. I loathe his vile nephew, Joffrey, and his two cruel and conniving siblings, Queen Cersei and Jaime.

I'm not sure how large the budget is for the show, but it must be pretty large given how beautiful the sets and sceneries are. The amount of attention to detail that is displayed in the props and costume design is incredible. This might explain why both Season 1 and Season 2 only contain 10 episodes each. I've read that Season 3 will also contain 10 episodes. I wish they'd do 12 or 13 episodes instead because I cannot get enough of it!

It should be noted that Game of Thrones is not for children. It's full of violence, sex, vulgar language, and scenes that would most likely frighten them. It should also be noted that Game of Thrones is not just about  violence and sex. It's philosophical and it contains a lot of beautiful scenes. It's also extremely addicting, so once you start watching, I doubt that you'll be able to stop.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday: James Stewart

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Stewart! I look forward to watching his Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life (1946), on the big screen with my friends every year. I love watching him in Hitchcock classics, especially Rear Window (1954), Vertigo (1958) and Rope (1948). His performance in Harvey (1950) always puts a smile on my face and even thinking about him talking to a pooka makes me pretty happy. There are so many fantastic films that he was a part of. Thanks for the great films, Jimmy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drugstore Cowboy (1989)

Last night, I watched Drugstore Cowboy. I think I watched this movie when I was younger because once I started it, some of the scenes seemed very familiar, particularly the first pharmacy raid, the police raid, and the hospital scene. Why I was watching this film as a kid is a bit of a mystery right now, but I remember that I used to sneak and watch movies that I wasn't supposed to be watching. Who didn't do that as a kid?

Drugstore Cowboy is a great film. I like how Bob's drug trips were filmed, along with the characters' paranoia with superstitions and how Bob gradually moves away from his destructive lifestyle as a junkie. Bob was a lot more likable near the end of the film, compared to the beginning. I like how he decides that he needs to change and pay his dues for all that he had done. It takes a lot for someone to change who they are, whether it's to quit smoking, quit drugs, spend more time with family, or to treat others more kindly than before. These are not easy tasks to undertake and I like seeing a character out there taking on the task because maybe it will convince someone in real life to make a change for the better.

The style of filmmaking portrayed in Drugstore Cowboy carried over to My Own Private Idaho (1991) very well. Both are great films directed by Van Sant. Idaho is a bit difficult to watch the first time around, at least, it was for me. Drugstore Cowboy is easier to watch the first time around. Both have fantastic acting performances and interesting story-lines. I recommend watching both if you haven't already.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Heavenly Kid (1985)

Corny but fabulous 80s flicks are best to watch if you're feeling a bit stressed out because it is guaranteed that you will laugh while watching one. My current 80s teen flick pick is The Heavenly Kid. It's starts off in the 60s, but it looks like the 50s. If you're a fan of Rebel Without a Cause (1955), you'll be reminded of it at the beginning because the main character, Bobby, is involved in a Chickie Run. Sadly, Bobby ends up crashing to his death after he fails to open his door and escape. After his death, he finds out that he hasn't exactly made it to Heaven yet, but he still has a chance to if he can prove that he deserves Heaven by undertaking a difficult task of helping out a geeky teen who has low self-esteem.

Bobby ends up taking the task, but finds himself to become way more attached to the kid than he thought possible. At first, he thought the kid was too much of a "spazzola" to handle, but he realizes that he likes the kid anyway. The two embark on some crazy adventures together, but I won't go into that because I don't want to ruin the movie for you.

This film is like a mix between Teen Witch (1989) in its corniness and an 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' episode that isn't scary, but it has a great storyline (such as the 'Dream Girl' episode, check that out if you haven't yet, one of the best episodes they ever made and it's on YouTube). It is a funny movie, but it does have moments of sadness. It's mostly light-hearted though, so watch it if you're in the mood for a comedy or if you're stressed out and want to watch something ridiculous.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

James Dean: River Phoenix

I've been watching a lot of James Dean and River Phoenix. Sure, James doesn't have many films to watch, but the ones he made are always worth re-watching. I've also been watching a lot of River Phoenix, who also didn't get to make a lot of films, but more than James did. The two of them have a lot in common: fantastic actors, died too young, weren't afraid to be themselves, and both were extremely talented in other things besides acting. River was a virtuoso and James was an artist. They aren't hard to look at either.