Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 1: 31 Days of Horror: IT

Yes! It's finally the best time of the year, the month of October. This means I'll watch a horror movie or something related to horror every single day this month. The first movie I'm talking about at this point is IT. I never understood the horror of the clown. What is the horror of the clown, you ask? Well, I've witnessed the absolute terror a clown can bring to a human since I was a kid. It effects every age group, from very young until very old. I'm assuming that the humans that are terrified by clowns have seen Pennywise the clown. That clown is extremely terrifying.

Pennywise isn't a charming, lovable clown with a handful of silly jokes and love. Pennywise is an evil, conniving clown, that will kill you as soon as look at you. He enjoys tricking cute and innocent little children into falling into his trap of death. Some little kids don't recognize his evilness because they believe his smile to be a friendly one. Oh, how terribly wrong they are.

Please, never trust a clown who tries to offer you a balloon. Is it worth receiving a balloon in return for putting your hand into a sewer? No! It is not! Get your hand away from any sewer, you fool! Nothing, especially clowns, should be hanging out and talking to you if they are in a sewer. Common sense should tell you that!

IT is awesomely creepy during the first part of the film; it will scare the hell out of you. The second part is a bit of a comedy, but it's okay because the first part of the film is so awesome. The second part should be looked at as comic relief at this point, so you should be a bit thankful. The kids=way superior to the adult versions of themselves. Long hair on a man usually = awful. If you want proof, then watch the second part of IT. If the terribleness doesn't frighten you, then Pennywise surely will, as he should.


monty said...

Hey Kalli, I'm doing the same thing myself. One horror movie a day. More on the weekend, a mix of old school and the new stuff. I remember IT from a while back and it was creepy as hell. Like you said the second half gives way to comedy but the first part is amazing. Good pick. Maybe we compare notes on what films we will watch this month and see if we have any cross-overs.

Kalli said...

Hi Monty, have you got all of yours picked out already? I haven't planned it out entirely yet, but I've got some of it planned out. Should we compare through e-mail?

monty said...

I got my list partially done. Well at least thru next week. So we're the same. Yeah, we can compare thru email. Mine is I'm actually doing it twice: one for classic horror films on All Good Things, with help from my friend Irene and then focusing on newer films on my other blog Hero Worship.

Robert said...

I tried to watch IT when I was a kid and couldn't get past the sewer scene. I watched most of it a while back finally and the sewer scene still creeped me out. I didn't get through the whole film - the second half does bog down so.

Looking forward to all your choices for this month. We did an October kickoff post on Friday and we'll continue to do some Halloween stuff throughout the month. Greatest month of the year!

Kalli said...

Hi Robert! I'm happy that I didn't watch IT when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure it would have scared me for life and I would have ended up suffering from Coulrophobia. I'll be sure to check out your blog!

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