Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 6: 31 Days of Horror: Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

I'm convinced that the creepiest people live secluded places in the country or woods area. Ever since I was a little kid, my dad had me watching Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery shows. I do not recommend watching anything related to murder mysteries when you are in a cabin in the woods; I guarantee that you will think someone is lurking behind a tree ready to come in and get you. That being said, never ever watch the Texas Chain Saw Massacre when you are staying in a secluded cabin in the woods! That is beyond being an awful idea! It's a catastrophic idea!

What makes the Texas Chain Saw Massacre scary to me, besides the freaky hillbillies, is the stupidity of the main characters. If you ever notice a clearly insane individual trying to hitchhike, please, do not pick him or her up! That's really stupid! Also, if you try to stop for gas and the people seem creepy and claim to not have any gas, then leave that gas station and don't tell them where you are going! Especially if where you are going is located in the middle of nowhere! No good can come from that. Also, please don't go wandering off and trespass into someone's house after they refuse to come to the door. That's so idiotic, I can hardly stand it!

Leatherface is one of the freakiest villains I've ever seen. He's tall, beefy, and can run a lot faster than I thought possible, given his size. His family is equally terrifying, but for different reasons. Leatherface seems to be completely unaware about anything in life other than how to kill and torture things. Old Man was scary because he enjoyed torturing and telling both Leatherface and Leatherface's brother to do the killings. Leatherface's brother is a psycho because he loves killing anything and everything, he even enjoys cutting up his own hands.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is not for everyone out there. It is extremely disturbing and gross. Do not watch it if you do not like to see  It's loosely based on Ed Gein, a strange man who enjoyed grave robbing and making objects out of the things he found in the graves. He also was found guilty of murdering at least two women. He was found mentally incompetent and sent to a hospital for the criminally insane. Yes, he was a strange and frightening individual, but not to the extent of the characters in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It will scare you out of your wits, that's a promise.


monty said...

One of the best horror films ever. The remake wasn't too bad either. Great post Kalli.

Kalli said...

Thanks, Monty :)

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