Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 12: 31 Days of Horror: Jaws (1975)

Let me just say, it took a lot to make myself find a picture to put in this post. Nothing scares me more than being stuck out in the middle of the ocean in a sinking boat. Well, unless the boat was sinking AND being attacked by a bloodthirsty shark! I would probably die from being scared to death if I was in that sort of situation, which is why Jaws scares the hell out of me.

Sure, the shark doesn't look very real, but I still don't like the looks of it. Mainly because I can imagine it malfunctioning and actually killing me! That's why I will never go on the Jaws ride in Universal Studios. The chances of that mechanical shark malfunctioning and accidently killing people is probably 1 out of some ridiculously high number, but still, even if the chance is small, it's still possible!

I remember watching Jaws for the first time when I was a little kid. It terrified me at the same level as Pinocchio. How is this possible, you ask? Well, like I said, I hate the thought of me being on a sinking boat, especially is something is attacking it! The shark was like Monstro the whale, so I hated it! Strangely, it didn't keep me away from swimming in the lake, pool, or ocean. What can I say, I love to swim. However, it did make me panic a few times while I was swimming, so I'd run out of there if I saw something or if algae got tangled around my foot. Definitely thought it was Jaws trying to kill me.


monty said...

I think one of the best things about Jaws is the three lead performances by Scheider, Shaw and dreyfuss. They were amazing. And Shaw deserved a Supporting Oscar for his role as Quint, his speech about the Indianapolis is proof enough. Good choice Kalli. I chose it last year for my 31 days of horror.

Kalli said...

Yes, they did give great performances!

Robert said...

An amazing film, can't say much more than that. Nick from our blog actually featured the Indianapolis scene a week ago for our Favorite Scene Friday column.

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