Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 22: 31 Days of Horror: The Poltergeist (1982)

Indian burial grounds will forever scare the hell out of me, thanks to The Poltergeist. I remember watching this film back in the fifth grade. My dad and my best friend's dad decided to rent The Poltergeist for us to watch, since it was rated PG and therefore they thought it was suitable. Let me tell you, that PG rating did not mean that this film was not scary! It made me afraid of a certain tree in the backyard and I had nightmares for about 3 weeks from this movie!

The Poltergeist is a haunted house film. It's not like The Changeling (1980), which, in my opinion is the ultimate haunted house film, but it is certainly creepy and being haunted by more than just one human ghost. The house is being haunted by poltergeists, which are malevolent spirits who enjoy terrorizing the living. At first, the family is intrigued by the poltergeists because they appear to be friendly and amusing. However, all of that changes when they 'kidnap' the youngest child in the family and bring her into a different spectrum and they don't know how to save her from it. 

The scene with the creepy clown doll is scary! I hate that damn clown! It scares me about as much as Pennywise the clown and clowns don't freak me out if I see them elsewhere, like in a haunted house or just making balloon animals. I also hate that scary tree when it attempts to kill the little boy! Or how about the scene when the man is in the bathroom and he starts pulling off the skin on his face! Oh, and I can't forget to mention the scene with the pool when the skeletons attempt to drown that woman! Terrifying! Fantastic movie!


LJR said...

Yeah, this is an awesome movie, establishing many visual tropes for the horror genre, the clown doll, the killer tree, the haunted white noise of the tv, and, of course, the concept of a desecrated Indian burial ground. Great selections. :-)

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