Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 16: 31 Days of Horror: The Good Son (1993)

Little kids who enjoy murdering are beyond creepy! If they're already monsters at this age, think of how dangerous they'll be when they're older. It's a very unsettling thought. The Good Son focuses on the freakiness of a child who seems completely innocent, but in reality, the child is pure evil.

The Good Son is very similar to the 1956 horror movie, The Bad Seed. In both films, both Rhonda and Henry seem to be very sweet and cute children. However, this behavior is fake and used in order to manipulate people into believing that they are anything but what they truly are. Both of these children are murderous raving lunatics. They both enjoy killing. Rhonda enjoyed murdering her classmate because she felt that he deserved it because he defeated her in winning a medal that she felt she rightfully deserved. Henry murdered his baby brother because he didn't like all the attention that he was getting from his parents. Their desire to stop murdering doesn't end here though, which is why they are so frightening. What is wrong with these children?

I really like The Good Son. I think Macaulay and Elijah are great in the film together. Macaulay was the perfect choice for Henry, he's great at acting like a psycho and he knows how to act like a master manipulator. My only major complaint is the casting of Macaulay's sister Quinn as his on-screen sister Connie. She just didn't have the same acting skills as her brother. Still, this movie is worth checking out.


Robert said...

Good movie. Crazy ending.

I remember when I first heard about this movie years back I couldn't believe it because in my mind Culkin and Wood were the big kid stars of their day. A movie where they're enemies?? Awesome.

Kalli said...

Very awesome!

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