Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 24: 31 Days of Horror: The Birds (1963)

Living in the city, I've noticed that people are really creeped out by birds. Mainly pigeons because they like to swoop low towards people's heads and then eat food off the ground. This proves to scare people to the point that they scream and run away. Due to these extremely dramatic reactions, I'm assuming that the majority of these people must have watched Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds at some point in their lives.

Something hasn't been right with the birds of Bodega Bay since Melanie Daniels has come to town. They've become monsters! Intent on harming anyone who gets in their range of sight. No child or adult is safe from their murderous beaks!

This film makes me laugh throughout the majority of it. Mainly because I can remember my professor showing us his own video that he made while visiting Bodega Bay. He decided to reenact the scene where the kids are running from the school. It was brilliant! I wish I could watch it again right now! However, I do find it scary when the birds won't stop attacking Melanie while she's locked in that upstairs room. Those birds were so vicious!!


Dawn said...

What I found most interesting about one of my favorite films, The Birds, is how Hitchcock created a horror film without using any music, just the cry of... " The Birds".

Kalli said...

Yeah, the use of the cry of the birds instead of music was a great idea!

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