Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Horror Movies

I am getting so excited because it's getting closer and closer to my favorite time of the year, the entire month of October! Horror movie/scary something every single day for 31 days! It's glorious! I am doing some 'research' for it right now and I have definitely found some 31 Days of Horror contenders. Getting close, getting close!

RIP Lee Thompson Young

I am still struggling with the death of Lee Thompson Young. Like many others, I knew him from being Jett Jackson in the Famous Jett Jackson and as Johnny Kapahaala's best friend, Sam Sterling. He was always so positive and had a glow about him. His eyes always had a nice brightness to them. Suicide is a very difficult thing to understand, especially when the person who has done it always seemed so full of life. I hope that he is at peace now, but it is a shame that he went out the way he did. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and Rizzoli and Isles cast mates. Also, please, if you ever recognize a drastic change in someone's mood or behavior, do not hesitate to ask them if he or she is ok. I have witnessed someone exhibit a drastic change in mood/behavior and I am still, to this day, happy that I made sure that this person was ok. I also made it apparent that I will always be available to talk and that I care. Sometimes, that is what someone really needs to feel better. Rest in peace, Lee.

RIP Julie Harris

I was sad to learn that Julie Harris passed away. I think she must have been a very sweet woman because she took the time to have someone write a letter back to me, when she was not able to after one of her strokes. East of Eden is one of my all time favorite movies. I felt that she was a great Abra because of how caring she acted towards Cal. I love the scene at the fair and the one where he goes to her window. Ah, such a good movie! Great book, as well.

I like the movie, The Haunting (1963). I actually get angry thinking about the remake. I watched the remake as a kid and it was scary then, but now, that remake is unwatchable. The original Haunting, however, is worth seeing. Not terribly scary, but nice cinematography and set.

87 years is a pretty good lifetime. It's not 100 like my great grandma, but let's face it, that's not an easy age to achieve and 87 isn't that easy either! Rest in peace, Julie.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

RIP Karen Black

I found out earlier today, while watching the news, that Karen Black passed away. She died after a long battle with cancer and she was 74 years old. I watched Burnt Offerings (1976) for the first time last October. She was amazing in that movie, a perfectly eerie performance. I need to check out more of her movies. Rest in peace, Karen, thanks for the awesome horror movie.