Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday: Clark Gable

Happy 110th birthday to Clark Gable! He died November 16, 1960 at the age of 59 due to a heart attack. His acting career started to kick off in 1930 when he was signed to MGM. He starred in 'Dance, Fools, Dance' after Joan Crawford requested that he star in the film with her in 1931. Later that same year, he starred in a film with Norma Shearer called, 'A Free Soul.' By 1932, he was becoming more well known by the public, especially after his performance with Jean Harlow in 'Red Dust,' which he would later remake in 'Mogambo' (1953) playing the same character alongside Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly. In 1935, after he was loaned out to Columbia Pictures for punishment for not doing something they wanted him to do, he won his first and only Oscar for his performance in Frank Capra's 'It Happened One Night,' co-starring Claudette Colbert. His career really took off after this.

My favorite Clark Gable films are the following: 'It Happened One Night,' 'Gone with the Wind,' 'Mogambo,' and 'The Misfits.' 'It Happened One Night' is enjoyable because it's funny and he has great chemistry with Claudette. All the other films are fantastic because Clark is so manly, ruggedly handsome, and humorous in them. Also, I love the drama and sadness that is displayed in 'Gone with the Wind,' 'Mogambo,' and 'The Misfits.'

What I love about Clark Gable is that he was funny, strong, sexy, and adorable with pets! Enjoy the pictures below!


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