Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall is Coming: Almost Time for HORROR

I've already have had a Pumpkin Spice and a Pumpkin Chai to put me into the mood of autumn and it's successfully given me October fever! October fever is like spring fever, but it's all about the month of October, the best month out of the year! Time to get the pumpkin decorations out, sip some apple cider, eat a delicious apple or a slice of apple crisp, and enjoy the HORROR! 

That's right, it's almost time for 31 Days of Horror, where I will attempt to post about one Horror movie a day! I'm already so excited!!!! On top of the horror movies, I might post a little something about a Haunted House that I plan on going to this year. The one that I am desperate to go to has supposedly caused people to wet their pants from fear! That might not be an appealing factor to some of you, but as a horror addict, I must see what is scaring people so badly! It has to be good!!!