Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 20: 31 Days of Horror: Beetlejuice

I love wacky movies. Beetlejuice definitely falls under my "Best Wacky Movies" list. The theme song is the best part of it. Danny Elfman truly outdid himself with brilliance by creating such a stellar song.

Beetlejuice is the story of a married couple, Adam Maitland and Barbara Maitland, who end up dead after their car swerves off a bridge, due to a little dog being in the middle of the bridge. At first, the two do not realize that they are dead, but the quickly realize it when a series of strange events begin to occur. One in particular, that their fingertips are now able to catch on fire without causing them any pain. Obviously, something isn't right when that happens!

Afterlife gets even stranger for Adam and Barbara when they realize that their house has been taken over by some new owners with a very bizarre taste in decorating. The two desperately want to get rid of the new owners, the Deetz family, but don't know the first thing about how to properly haunt a house. During their desperation, the two decide to dress up as pathetic looking ghosts, with only sheets draped over them. No one seems to notice them at all, except for the odd girl, Lydia, who is obsessed with the strange and unusual.

Although the ghosts like the girl, they still want her parents to get the hell out of their house. Since they are unable to do so and aren't getting much guidance from their death advisor, Juno, they end up doing something that proves to be insane and stupid. They decide to summon the foul bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice, who can only be summoned by saying his name three times in a row. Juno warned them against Beetlejuice, but they didn't listen because they were getting no where.

Beetlejuice proves to be a nightmare. Although he successfully scares the family by turning into a snake, he ends up causing the Deetz to try to exorcise Adam and Barbara into a new dimension of death. However, Lydia comes to their rescue, putting herself in danger with Beetlejuice and his cunning ways.

Great movie! Definitely worth watching this film on more than one occasion. I love Adam and Barbara's relationship and how clueless they are about being remotely scary. It's so cute and funny! Lydia is an awesome character too. She's smart and overly intrigued by death, which makes her pretty interesting and cool. I like how she socializes with the ghosts and they become a little family.


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