Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1: 31 Days of Horror: Night of the Creeps (1986)

Oh yes, it is back! The best time of the whole year! The entire month of October! I'm ready to indulge on all things horrific, creepy, and ghoulishly entertaining for an entire 31 days!

First movie up is a campy horror gem that goes by the name of Night of the Creeps (1986). If you are a fan of zombie movies that like to give more laughs than unnerving freakouts, then this is definitely the movie for you. Set on a college campus, with loads of frats and sororities, it focuses in on a nerdy guy, who desperately wants the attention of a sorority girl. In order to win her over, he decides that he must pledge at the most popular fraternity with his best friend.

However, the pledge ends up being a joke on them, and even a bigger joke on the fraternity, when the two nerds accidentally thaw a corpse of an old fraternity member from the 1950s. This corpse happened to be infected by some strange alien brain parasite, which turns all of its hosts into horrible, brain-thirsty, flesh-loving zombies! Once unthawed, these little alien parasites spread like wildfire all over the campus. No one is safe! Will they be able to rid the campus of these monstrous creatures or will they all become zombies?! Watch to find out. 

The corniness of this movie makes it great, as does the zombie makeup. I love 80s movies and I'm glad I stumbled upon this over the summer. It's the perfect movie to kick off the beginning of 31 Days of Horror! Not too scary, but good fun, and there will be more horror movies to come! Not all of them will be campy, some of them will be terrifying, so brace yourselves! 


monty said...

OMG I just re-watched this for the first time in years just the other must have read my mind. Glad to see you're back with your 31 days of horror Kalli. I'm only doing 11 days of Hitchcock on my main blog but am doing a shared event with one of my facebook friends dedicated to horror films. I can send you the link to check them out if you like. Back to night of the creeps this movie is awesome. Good review!

Kalli said...

Hi Monty! Thanks for stopping by. I'll come check out your 11 days of Hitchcock and I'd like to check out the shared event, too. 31 Days of Horror is always a lot of fun.

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