Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 13: 31 Days of Horror: Repulsion (1965)

This is one disturbing film. It focuses in on a young woman, Carol, who is a bit unhinged. She starts off being guarded and recluse, then she progresses into a full out paranoid state of mind. It's really unnerving to watch. She cannot stand that her sister is having an affair with a married man, but things become worse for her when her sister leaves her at the apartment by herself to go on vacation. Even though Carol is old enough to be alone, she is struggling so much mentally that  it ends up being a poor decision to leave her alone. 

When alone, Carol is very frightened. She imagines footsteps in the hallway, strange men in her bedroom, and cracks in the walls. She ends up getting to a point where she does not leave her flat and she is always wearing her nightgown. This movie has a slow start, but once she starts losing her mind, it becomes very interesting. I was very freaked out by this movie by the end. 

I think more Haunted House makers need to watch this movie. I've been to two this year, which were both a ton of fun, but would both have been scarier if they took from this movie. There are scenes when the protagonist is hallucinating hands grabbing at her out of the wall. The walls look like they are made out of clay, but the effect is really cool. They could have fake hands come out of the wall like that, if it's about the actors not touching the people going through. I always end up flailing my hands around because I can't see in any of the haunted houses, so if I felt a fake hand coming out of the wall, I'd be scared!


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