Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 10: 31 Days of Horror: James and the Giant Peach (1996)

Ever since I was a kid, I've been drawn to bizarre, somewhat frightening stories. Not always able to handle the scary films because of my over-active imagination, but it didn't keep me away from them. I have always been able to read scary stories. I was a huge R.L. Stine fan, mainly for his Fear Street books, which I began reading when I was about 8 years old. Still remember the one called 'Switched,' where best friends minds switch and one starts committing murders when she appears to be her best friend. There's a good plot twist in that book, too.

Before that, I read almost every Roald Dahl book that I could get my hands on, one of my favorites being James and the Giant Peach. I don't remember the book being frightening, but the movie version is. It also happens to be one of those movies from childhood to successfully scare the watcher all the way until their adulthood. I still know adults who refuse to watch this movie because of how much it scared them as children.

James and the Giant Peach has some horrific scenes in it. The one that sticks out first is the big rhinoceros that James sees in the clouds. That rhino is scary! It's like the evil whale, Monstro, from Pinocchio! I hate Monstro the whale and I am not a fan of that scary rhino! I associate both with brutal attacks and sinking ships.

Next up, the evil metal robot torpedo shark! Its teeth are like razor blades that spin quickly in a circle. The shark tries to bring down the peach and sink it. It shoots little mini-torpedo sharks at the peach to try to get them. It attempts to eat one of James' bug friends, Mr. Centipede, once he fell and got closer to the shark's mouth.

Last, but not least, the sunken pirate boat. Mr. Centipede about gets murdered by a bunch of skeletons. The creepiest one is the one who looks like Jack Skellington and grabs at Mr. Centipede as he's trying to return to the peach!

This movie is very well done. If you haven't seen it or if you haven't read the book, then you need to now!


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