Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 14: 31 Days of Horror: Martin (1976)

George A. Romero may not have done what he did for zombies for vampires, but he still made one heck of a horror movie about a man who believes himself to be a vampire. This movie is called Martin. It's weird and disturbing.

Martin is a strange guy. He truly thinks that he is a vampire. He will find his victims and will drink their blood. The question remains though, is he an 84-year old vampire or just an odd guy who for some reason craves the taste of human blood? Well, he's definitely odd, but I am still unsure about what was going on with him. I think he's just a serial killer who tries to get away with his killings by convincing himself that he's a vampire.

Martin kind of reminds me of Dexter. Not in the sense of who he chooses to attack, but how he does it. He uses a needle to stab his victims with, so that they fall asleep. After that, he drinks their blood. Dexter did not drink his victims' blood, nor did he ever feel remorseful while killing someone. Martin always seems to feel bad when he's attacking someone and taking their blood. He always goes on about how he needs the blood in order to live. Sounds like a dark passenger to me. Maybe the creator of Dexter watched Martin in the past?

Martin is an intriguing movie. The first attack is hard to watch and the rest of the movie is messed up. What makes Martin work so well is that they make the character seem real. You get to hear his point of view, see flashbacks involving his life, and he calls into a radio show to discuss what it's like living in this world as a vampire. Great stuff, but this movie is a rare one to find. You can find it on Netflix though.


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