Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 12: 31 Days of Horror: House (1977)

This movie left me disoriented. I was entranced by its strangeness, its artistry. I can honestly say that I've never seen a horror movie, or a movie in general, that is even close to the strange level of House (1977). Ok, I may be over exaggerating a little because I have seen Santa Sangre (1989), it's not paint, it's holy blood! However, House is a close second when it comes to the weirdness level.

Japanese movies are awesome. Battle Royale and House are now my two top favorite Japanese movies. So well made and, well, cool! I need more of this film style in my life!

House follows a young girl, Oshare (Gorgeous), as she struggles with her father getting remarried. She leaves her home and decides to visit her aunt, who has been wanting her to come and stay with her since her, Goregous', mom passed away. She even allows her to bring some friends along! This may seem like a very sweet gesture, until you get more involved with the plot, which I do not want to ruin. Let's just say, some very creepy stuff goes down during this visit. Nothing is what it seems to be and the house is not exactly the safest place to be, especially for Oshare and her friends.

I loved all the weird names for the girls in the film. The translation of their names to English is kind of stupid, but what are you going to do? This film is funny, but that humor is just there for some comic relief from the absolute horror that you are about to be smacked with. Trust me, I sat there in shock when the weirdness started to unfold and then couldn't look away once it multiplied. It was brilliant and mesmerizing to watch.

I've learned some things by watching this film. Being friends with someone named Kung-Fu is awesome. You will always be entertained when that person decides to randomly kick a door for the hell of it. Something isn't right when your friends start to randomly disappear in a house. You should always listen to your friend if they think they're seeing weird things happen. Yeah, they might not be hallucinating and suffering from paranoia! Don't wander around someone's house once you notice that a ton of cobwebs are covering the place. Duh!


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