Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 13: 31 Days of Horror: Carrie

Carrie White isn't like other people, and unbeknownst to the majority of others, she has the gift of telekinesis. Having been raised by an abusive, chemically imbalanced, and overly religious mother, she has always been a social outcast. Her classmates taunt and mock her on a regular basis. After being brutally humiliated by her classmates in the girl's locker room for her horrified reaction to experiencing her first period, Carrie is sent home early to recuperate. The girls who mocked her, however, are being punished in detention for their actions.

One of the girls, Sue, feels terribly guilty for how she and the others have treated Carrie and decides that she wants to make it up to her. She and the other girls have been banned from the senior prom, so she decides to have her boyfriend Tommy, the most popular guy in school, ask Carrie to go with him. However, the other girls don't feel guilty at all, in fact, they hate Carrie even more because they blame her for getting them banned from the prom. One girl in particular, Chris, along with her boyfriend and a few other friends, decide that if they can't go to the prom, then they'll just have to do something to ruin Carrie's prom experience as well. What will they do? How will Carrie react?

I enjoy this film, even though I feel awful for Carrie. I could do without the beginning of it because it disgusts me, both by what occurs and how meanly she is treated. I guess that seems sort of silly though because we wouldn't really have a story or a film if something drastic like this didn't happen to Carrie. The mother is the most frightening one! She's a monster and is completely psychotic! Carrie isn't as scary as her, even though her bulging eyes are pretty freaky. Sissy Spacek did a phenomenal job playing Carrie. I can see why she was nominated for an Oscar for this performance.


Unknown said...

I think the movie is really good, but, unlike you, I thought the first part of it was the best. You have a very interesting blog, it really deserves the nomination.

Kalli said...

Thanks! I think your blog deserves the nominations that you received as well. It's well written and I love the design of your blog.

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