Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 25: 31 Days of Horror: The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys (1987) is a cult classic. It's cheesy, but it's awesome. Two brothers move with their mom to a small coastal town in California to go live with their grandfather. A lot of disappearances and mysterious deaths have been occurring all over the town and it's full of biker gangs and strange people. The younger brother, Sam, is really into comic books and meets some other kids who love them and also declare themselves to be vampire hunters. He becomes part of their group and obsessed with being a vampire hunter. The older brother, Michael, is drawn into the biker gang because of a beautiful girl. Little do both brothers know, they are both meddling in something that they ought not to and it all has to do with vampires.

Oh, how I love my vampires. I've also have got a thing for Jason Patric. He's like a mix of Jim Morrison from the Doors and something else sexy. He's the perfect combination for an eighties vampire! The music is awesome. Kiefer Sutherland is insanely evil as the head vampire, David. Seriously, everyone needs to see this movie at least once in their life.


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