Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11: 31 Days of Horror: Pinocchio

Disney's version of Pinocchio (1940) scares the hell out of me, still. I'm not alone in this either, I know people 50+ years old who are still freaked out from it. It scares me mainly because of the evil and humongous whale, Monstro! I've had terrible nightmares involving that whale chasing after me in the ocean, breaking a boat that I'm on, and swallowing me as it's sinking! This started when I first saw the movie, I swear.

The part where the kids start turning into to donkeys is frightening, too. Where did that guy send all of them to once they changed?! It's so messed up. Sure, the kids shouldn't have gone to Pleasure Island and I bet that they sure learned their lesson when they realized they had become a donkey. Except, the punishment was way worse than just becoming one! If they could turn back into a human afterwards, then it wouldn't be so terrible. Disturbing, but not as terrible as it ends up being. Turning a kid into a permanent donkey is just insane and cruel.

I do enjoy this film, despite it scaring me. Classic Disney is dazzling with its hand-drawn animations and stellar musical scores. Pinocchio has beautiful animation and it has "When you Wish Upon a Star," which is a fantastic song. Also, it sure teaches you some good lessons, such as telling you that you should have a conscience and that you shouldn't lie. Maybe they felt they needed the cruelty and scariness in the scenes to emphasize the lessons more and make sure that you wouldn't forget them?


Dempsey Sanders said...

Wow, never realised people could be scared of this one, but now can see why it might to some, interesting post.
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Great post, and very interesting

Kalli said...

Thank you! I'll probably check that out.

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