Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 12: 31 Days of Horror: The Bad Seed

"Bad Seeds" exist in our world still. They are evil, terrifying, and corruptive people, young or old, tall or short, cute or ugly. However, it's more unnerving when the bad seed is a young child. A young child who seems perfect and innocent; incapable of scheming up a plan to cause harm to another. This is the worst sort of bad seed there is because the seemingly perfect and innocent child ends up being something monstrous from the beginning! The child is a manipulative cold-blooded killer! 

Creepy picture of the twisted side of the "Bad Seed."

This is essentially what The Bad Seed (1956) is about. Rhoda Penmark (Patty McCormack) is thought to be the most adorable, the most angelic, and the most perfect daughter in the entire world. She's always curtseying, dancing around in her tap shoes, or being so polite to her parents and other adults. However, don't let these actions fool you! This little girl is pure evil and will do anything to get her way, anything, including murder! How long will it take for someone to realize that Rhoda isn't so sweet and perfect after all? What will happen to them once they do? Watch and find out!


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