Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 18: 31 Days of Halloween: Scream

Don't ever answer the phone and continue talking to that person if you are positive that you do not know who the person is! Sure, this person may seem like he or she is just a great conversationalist, but it's people like this who end up being completely deranged! It's best not to have anything to do with him or her. Especially is he or she asks if you like scary movies! You must hang up, call the police, and grab a weapon to protect yourself!

I love Scream (1996)! It's one of Wes Craven's best, I'd say second to Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). I think it's clever, an unknown psychopathic serial killer stalks and slaughters unsuspecting teens while sporting a strange mask and carrying a frightening weapon. It sounds like your typical slasher film, which it is, but it has a sense of realism to it. There aren't any boogeymen in this film, just psychopathic humans who enjoy murdering for the thrill of it. It purposely parodies slasher films, which adds even more realism to the film, while also giving it some comic relief. How can you not enjoy a horror film like this?!


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