Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 22: 31 Days of Horror: Dracula

Dracula (1931) is based off Bram Stoker's novel. It's about the fearsome vampire Count Dracula. He's able to corrupt the mind of whoever he decides to prey on with his hypnotic powers. No one can resist his charm. It isn't until Dr. Van Helsing is brought into the picture that the Count is recognized as being a vampire. Now, everything must be done to protect the Count's latest victim, Mina Seward, from becoming one of the undead. How will the Count be stopped? Will Mina Seward be saved?

Bela Lugosi is the best Dracula! No one can or will ever be a better Dracula than he was. Bela was even buried in his Dracula cape. Now that's dedication to a role!


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