Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 20: 31 Days of Horror: Eyes Without a Face

Eyes Without a Face (Les yeux sans visage-1960), directed by Georges Franju, is about a young woman, Christiane, whose entire face has been destroyed by damages inflicted by a car accident. Her father is an accomplished surgeon and is desperate to help reapply skin to her face. So desperate, in fact, that he and his assistant Louise kidnap young women, so that he can remove their faces and graft them onto the skinless face of Christiane. However, these experiments haven't been going as planned because the experiments constantly fail and the victims die. Will Dr. GĂ©nessier ever succeed? Will he be caught for being responsible for the murder of these young women? Only way to find out is to watch the film.

This is a brilliant horror film. The cinematography of it is fantastic. The contrast between dark and light shots really helps set the mood of the film. Christiane wears a haunting porcelain mask, which gives her a mournful looking face, like a ghost. She moves like she's gliding about like a ghost from a silent movie. The surgical procedures conducted by her father are somewhat repulsive and oddly intriguing to watch because of the stage blood. If you're looking for an intelligent horror film that is full of emotion and chills, then look no further than Eyes Without a Face.


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