Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards

This post is for all of my fellow Disney fanatics out there. I absolutely LOVE Disney! I own a huge collection of Disney films, including both the animated and the live action films released by them. I even own both Kingdom Hearts video games that they released a while back and I loved them because my Disney favorites were in the game. I love Disney music and I've been to two Disney musicals, which I loved. I love reading about Walt Disney! Clearly, my love for Disney cannot be fully expressed in words.

I've recently met someone at work who is as equally obsessed with Disney as I am. He informed me of the great things that are available with Disney Movie Rewards points. I was aware of Disney Movie Rewards before he mentioned them, but I had never actually inputted the 'magic codes' to get the rewards because I didn't think that it would be worth my time. However, I was wrong, very wrong!

Ever since December, I've been inputting my Magic Codes to earn Disney Movie Rewards points. I also inputted codes that were given by ABC Family during their running of 25 Days of Christmas. There are other special surprise codes that can be found in other areas or given from Disney just because you're a member. Also, points can be earned by inputting codes from CDs. You can even scan in movie ticket stubs to Disney feature films that are currently in theaters to earn points.

Now, you may be wondering, what do these points get you? Well, they can get you many different things. You can get certain DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that they offer, including classic ones and modern ones. You can also get movie posters, collectible figurines, stuffed animals, traveling bags, craft or game sets, or clothing. It doesn't end there though, you can even get money off plane tickets, tickets to their popular broadway productions, and even a private tour of the Disney studios! It's actually a lot of fun collecting and inputting these codes. Disney fans everywhere should start inputting their magic codes!!


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