Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy A (2010)

Is there anyone out there who misses comedies like the ones John Hughes made back in the 80s? Well, you're in luck because 'Easy A' is basically a modern day Hughes film. The film is well written and hilariously delivered by the majority of the cast.

'Easy A' is about a clean cut high school girl, Olive (Emma Stone), who accidently starts a false rumor about herself that she has lost her virginity to a guy in community college. Within minutes, the rumor spreads like wildfire around the entire high school, and in turn earns Olive a new status, which is a super slut. She decides to embrace this new status wholeheartedly. First, she decides to have a fake fling with a gay guy at a party to help him out, which in turn perpetuates her status as a skank. At school, she is continuously being harassed by some extreme Christians who are appalled by her behavior. Her alter ego reacts to their behavior towards her and she decides to give them what they think they are fighting against.

She buys a brand new wardrobe and embroiders a scarlet 'A' on all of it, in order to have her fake status coincide with the character's status in 'The Scarlet Letter,' which is the book that they are currently reading in English class. She also takes on more fake flings with guys' who want to boost their own statuses. She agrees to these fake flings for financial gain, which ends up making her fellow students think that she's a prostitute. Will Olive continue the rest of her high school career as a fake floozy? Or will something happen that makes her decide to come clean and go back to her true self? Watch to find out.

I can't believe how much I enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh almost the whole time, starting right from the beginning. I love the witty dialogue. I love the ridiculousness. I love this movie!


Sarah Mann said...

I totally want to see this. I also love the name Olive, so this is probably a must-see for me!

Love your background, by the way! :)

Kalli said...

Hi Sarah! Yes, you must see this as soon as possible!

Thanks for commenting on my background! I'm happy you like it.

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