Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter: Hogwarts

Ok, let's be serious. Hogwarts would be the best school ever. Not only are the classes awesome, but the place is full of mystery and it has a beautiful scenery. The place is definitely dangerous, too, which just adds to its mysteriousness. Hidden passageways are scattered all over the place, so you could go to grab a butterbeer from The Three Broomsticks or fizzing whizbees from Honeydukes with your friends if you all use an invisibility cloak! You can break a lot of rules there and you'll basically never be punished for doing so because a lot of the rule breaking will eventually be ruled as services to the school. 

The historical Sorting Hat will put you in whatever house suits you best and it even allows you to add some of your own personal input in making the choice. Each house has a secret location, which requires a password and  includes a common room and sleeping quarters. The Great Hall has an enchanted ceiling that is bewitched to look like the sky, as well as mimic the weather, which is a stellar effect. It also is where all the students get to enjoy their feasts, which of course includes endless amounts of delicious food.

The Forbidden Forest isn't entirely forbidden and it's home to many mystical creatures. As long as you use your head, you can't really get hurt in there. Definitely an awesome place to go for a walk in. You can go soak up the sun by the Black Lake while studying or sit there and watch the giant squid. The Quidditch field is another fantastic area, for either playing the game or just enjoying it. The Whomping Willow should probably only be admired from a distance, just to be safe.

I'm always wondering what house I would be placed in. According to the majority of Sorting House quizzes I've taken, I'd be placed in Ravenclaw. Gryffindor was a close second though. I'd probably ask the hat to place me in Gryffindor though. It has a history of having very respectable witches and wizards.  I also love lions and the color red. If you want to take one of these fun sorting quizzes click here for a more in depth one and here for a shorter one.


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