Saturday, April 6, 2013

EVIL DEAD: The Evil and the Not So Evil

I went to see the remake of Evil Dead tonight. I found it to be disgusting with loads of unintentional humor. There was some believable acting, mainly by Jane Levy, but she didn't have much to go off. The remake takes the film into a different direction than the original, focusing more on a gross overuse of blood and guts. Overuse of gore does not scare me, it just grosses me out. I actually gagged a few times and I wasn't the only one. People were not screaming often watching this movie, only gagging and laughing. Due to this, I prefer the 80's version.

I love the original from the 80s, it's disturbing, yet oddly hilarious at the same time. Fantastic horror movie on a small budget. Yes, it does get a bit gross as well, but not to an extent of what the new version has. I did not gag watching the original because the blood and guts didn't seem as nasty. I'm sure when that movie first came out, it was gag worthy, but not if you see the gore they come up with today. However, it was rated NC-17 for a reason...

I like horror movies that have humor in them, so both versions have that working for them. Who knew duct tape was so damn useful? I liked the way the woods and the set looked in the new film because it looked crisp and dark. The old one has a nice creepy look to it, as well, but with a drastically different budget. If you are a fan of the original, don't go to the new Evil Dead expecting something similar. The demons in the original were a lot more fun than the ones in the new version. The old demons were big time tricksters, whereas the new demons were just extremely gross. I did not hate the new version, but I do think it's a big downgrade from the original.


monty said...

Did you stay to see the post credits scene Kalli? It was very cool!

Kalli said...

No, we left before the post credits scene. What happened?

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