Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bicycle Thieves (1948)

In celebration of director Vittorio De Sica's 110th birthday today, July 7th, the movie I'm discussing today is Ladri di biciclette 'Bicycle Thieves.' I absolutely love this movie. It is about a man, Antonio Ricci, who desperately relies on his bicycle in order to travel all over Rome hanging posters for his job. While hanging some posters, his bicycle ends up getting stolen. Antonio, along with his son Bruno (Enzo Stailoa) set out to track down the thief and retrieve the bike.

Bicycle Thieves is one of the most heartbreaking films that I have ever watched; it's brutally honest. I don't want to go into all what occurs in the film because that sort of discussion could potentially lead to a spoiler for those who have not yet watched this movie. It's too fantastic to ruin. The film's message is the best thing about it; it's brutally honest, which makes it both sad and depressing, but it also makes it real.

The little boy, Enzo Stailoa, delivers a brilliant performance. I love his little walk and all the emotion he gave to Bruno. I read that he actually was found on the streets and asked to play Bruno for this movie, so it seems that he grew up having a similar lifestyle to Bruno's.


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