Sunday, July 3, 2011


Notorious (1946) is one of my favorite Hitchcock films and my favorite from both Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. I feel like I've mentioned this movie a lot, but I don't think I've actually ever talked about it in great detail. The film is about a woman, Alicia Huberman, who's German father has just been convicted for treason against the United States. One night, during one of her regular parties where she likes to drink and flaunt herself around men, she meets Devlin. She doesn't know much about Devlin, but is instantly attracted to him. Later on in the night and the next day, he informs Alicia that he is a government agent and asks if she would be interested in spying on her father's Nazi friends who are operating out of Rio de Janeiro. She agrees to be a spy and leaves for Rio that day with Devlin. A passionate romance quickly sparks up between the two, but it is interrupted once Alicia becomes too involved with her job.

This film has one of the best kissing scenes that I have ever watched in a movie. Hitch designed the kissing to be broken up into little kisses, so it met the Hayes Code that restricted on-screen kissing scenes to 3 seconds, but it also was still able to be sexy because he had them kissing on-again, off-again for a long time. Oh, how I absolutely adore this scene!

The acting in this film was brilliant by everyone involved. Claude Rains played momma's boy Alexander Sebastian perfectly. Leopoldine Konstantin was perfect as Sebastian's horrendously over-bearing and creepy mother. I swear, that woman does not blink and it's freaky!

If you're a fan of suspense, romance, and awesomeness, then you will love Notorious. The story is interesting and there is some humor mixed in. I love Hitch's experimentation with shots in this film and how he was creative enough to find a way to skirt past the Haye's Code restriction.


Clara Fercovic said...

A classic! Claude Rains is so good as the momma's boy. And of course Ingrid & Cary are terrific together. My favorite sequences are the one with the wine bottles (sooo tense) and when Cary finally arrives to save the damsel in distress :) Great review, Kalli!!

Dan Heaton said...

Nice post. This is definitely a great film. I like it even more than Vertigo and Rear Window, and both of those are classics. An excellent choice and one of Hitchcock's best, if not his greatest film.

Kalli said...

Clara: I love both of the scenes that you are talking about. I especially like their kiss outside near the wine cellar. They had such great chemistry!

Dan: Thanks for commenting, Dan! I love so many Hitchcock movies. Rear Window, Notorious, Shadow of a Doubt, North by Northwest, The Lady Vanishes, and North by Northwest are my favorites. Strangers on a Train, Rope, and To Catch a Thief are enjoyable, too.

Kalli said...

Dan: I forgot to mention Rebecca and Spellbound, too. I could watch Hitch's movies over and over again.

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