Friday, July 1, 2011

Une femme est une femme: A Woman Is a Woman

The other night, I decided to watch A Woman Is a Woman (1961). The film is about a woman, Angela, who desperately wants to have a baby. She deicides to try to persuade her boyfriend, Emile, into having a baby with her, but he will have no part of it. Therefore, she decides that the only thing she can do to have a baby is to go ask another man if he will give her one. The man she ends up asking is Emile's best friend Alfred.

I've read other people's reviews of this film and it seems like it's one that you either love or hate. I happened to find this film quite witty and funny. It's lively and it's completely silly. I think that I mainly enjoyed this movie because I've witnessed countless relationships that are similar to the one that Angela and Emile have. The two are constantly arguing with each other over any little thing, but that does not mean that they do not love each other. In fact, it's quite the opposite, the two argue so much because they love each other so much, which, if you think about is quite stupid and childish, but it works for them.


Sarah Mann said...

I absolutely adore this movie!

Kalli said...

Hi Sarah, what's your favorite scene in it? Mine is when they go around with that light to collect books in the apartment and use them to make up insults by pointing at words on the covers instead of saying the insults out loud.

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