Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I love Charade (1963). I own a terrible copy of the film, which is unfortunate. The resolution is beyond awful, but I still watch it because I love the movie so much. Charade is a romantic-comedy-thriller about a woman, Regina 'Reggie' Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) who is planning to divorce her husband, Charles, once she returns from her vacation in the Alps. Once she returns to Paris, she finds that all of her belongings have been removed from her house and that her husband has died. After her husband's funeral, she ends up being pursued by several men who want to take back the fortune that Charles supposedly stole from them and left behind in her possession. She has no idea what fortune this could be because what he has left behind for her doesn't seem to have any significant value, but no one seems to want to believe her! Even the nice handsome man (played by Cary Grant) who keeps changing his name every few seconds. The situation becomes even more intense when the angry men pursuing her end up being killed off one by one. By the end of it, she has no idea who she can trust or what she will have to do in order to survive!

This film is enjoyable on so many levels. Audrey Hepburn displays a wonderful wardrobe in the film, one which I'd love to own. The story is consistently intriguing, humorous, and witty. I love Audrey's exaggerated expressions. I love Cary Grant for being silly, suave, mysterious, and handsome all at the same time. I also love how obvious it was that Cary Grant would have been the perfect James Bond. I love Walter Matthau's delivery of lines; something about his voice always cracks me up. There honestly isn't one character in this film that I found to be boring; the film was perfectly casted. I also adore that the majority of the film takes place in Paris, it's an amazing city! Basically, it's impossible to not be entertained by this film, so if you haven't seen it yet, you must put it on your 'to-see' list.

The opening title sequence of Charade with awesome music.


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